Quinterra Property Maintenance Inc. was formed in 1988. We have focused on building our business through judicious growth with selected choice clients. This has allowed us to pursue our conviction for quality service through professional management.

Quinterra is in the business of supplying maintenance expertise and professional contract management ability, be it scheduling, supervision, personnel or product/equipment knowledge. We service commercial businesses and offices across Canada recognizing that "Raising Standards through Service" is more than a slogan; rather, it is our goal to make it a service reality.

Raising Standards Through Service
The base operating philosophy has as its objective the achievement of total building owner and employee satisfaction.

From coast to coast, Quinterra is working hard to create great first impressions.

To this end, Quinterra works very hard at keeping the line of communication open at all times. Our goal is to create a partnership with our clients that will deliver the highest standard of property maintenance service possible, at a fair market price.

Quinterra is committed to service. Beginning with the selection and training of capable staff at all levels, the focus of each task we undertake is very simple, client satisfaction. Years of experience in the provision of housekeeping and property maintenance services has taught us that the best way to achieve this goal is: Provide on-going training for staff at all levels, including management.

Establish a schedule of regular communication with our client, including the use of Daily Log Books, Quality Assurance reports, monthly meetings between the client and the Quinterra District Manager. These meetings serve as the basis for maintaining a continuity of information as well as a check on results achieved.

Hire the best and then make certain each employee understands precisely what is expected of her/him.

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